We specialize in providing tools for managers and business owners that help them deal successfully with the “people” issues within their organizations.

Todd Mason & First Line Security are providers of Alarm Systems and Monitoring, Video Surveillance, Access Control and Personal Emergency Response Service in Ontario.
First Line Security has systems designed to meet your needs.

Alarm Systems by DSC, Residental, Commercial and Industrial. From basic to advanced DSC has the probuct and First Line Security has the experience and ability

Video Surveillance by Capture Digital Video Recorders supply a great product for recording and have a wide variety of cameras to meet your needs.

Access Control by Kantech Designs, supports integrated security management systems, including its intuitive EntraPass access control software and the KT series of controllers."

Medical Alarms What a wounderful feeling knowing that you're just a touch away from getting help. Having this service gives you the freedom to stay in your home and that's truly a gift.

First Line Security
" Your First Line of Protection "


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