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We specialize in providing tools for managers and business owners that help them deal successfully with the “people” issues within their organizations.

Excel 2007 Training

To present training that exactly matches your company's needs, Todd Mason & Associates offers customized training for business and industry.

Step# 1 A needs assesment to determine your requirements and then design a course tailor-made for your participants
Step# 2 Choose the number of participants
Step# 3 Determine a time frame (days, evenings or weekends) that will allow you the optimum benefit for your employee availability

Are you tired of experimenting with different ways to get your computer work done?

A little of our time can go a long way to solving your software dilemmas.

We'll work on projects you don't have the time or expertise to complete.

We can ...

  • Fine tune your databases
  • Automate your spreadsheets
  • Take your presentation from mundane to magic
  • Analyze data trends
  • Customizable to your needs

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“Helping businesses solve their people issues”